Digestion In Winter Period

Digestion In Winter Period

The winter holidays and festivals, always remain awaited throughout the year, bringing happiness besides gifts and spending time with loved ones, and, especially culinary treats which may lead to digestive overstress. Heavy meals during the holidays, rich in fat and calories and sprinkled in abundance with alcohol, are a true “time bomb” for the digestive system. Jelly (“Piftia” as local Romanian name, Cabbage rolls (“Sarmale” as local Romanian name), sausages (“Caltabos” as local Romanian name), boeuf salad and fluffy sweet cakes (“Cozonac” as local Romanian name) are some of the delicacies prepared for  winter and season holidays. Not only large quantities of foods consumed, but their consistency likely to cause serious gastric, hepatobiliary or intestinal disorders manifested through burns, nausea, bloating, pain, etc. Also serving meals at inappropriate hours in this period, as well as in the rest of the year, may be a reason for the occurrence/worsening digestive disorders. The best treatment focuses on prevention of the occurrences of digestive disorders.

digestia in perioada sarbatorilorBefore serving a heavy meal, it is better for gastric juices to be “prepared” in advance to assist the digestion, with a fruit salad or vegetables. An egg, a little steak, possibly with a little wine can also be taken. Between meals, a short walk, without exaggeration, exercise without any need for heavy physical exertion and avoiding sitting horizontally for a long time is beneficial. Fluffy sweet cakes, cookies or cakes with walnuts can be served in the morning, not late than 14.00 hours, and pork meat specialties, served as an appetizer, to be consumed only at lunch in small quantities and being overloaded with smoke and a high salt content, which is why the hypertensive and heart condition people are advised their consumption in a moderate quantity of these preparations.

At dinner, jellies (“Piftia” as local Romanian name) can be served because it is lighter (ingredients are cooked), and provides a feeling of satiety very quickly. Indigestion usually occurs after eating a considerable amount of food, heavy food, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. Also, eating quickly or eating under the influence of stress factors generates a slow digestion. Ideally, consuming food in a moderate amount, applying the eating system “little and frequent”, chewing each bite of food, can be helpful for an optimum digestion.

There are some general guidelines which may be applied and always followed for an optimum working of the digestive system, namely:
-avoiding eating too cold or too hot food;
-reducing the consumption of spicy, fatty foods, which are difficult to digest and avoiding water consumption during meal, which “dilutes” gastric juices;
-recommended the intake of fibrous food for optimal intestinal transit (walnuts, almonds, fruits and vegetables in general);
-to avoid the combination of foods causing irritable bowel like combinations of fruit and dairy products, alcohol and tobacco, carbohydrates, protein;
-during this period, it is important to have an intake of fluids like water, tea, soup, which are intended to prevent indigestion;
-even if it is cold outside, it is necessary to have short distance walking per day.

Along with that, herbal based products are very helpful. Ayurmed brand ayurvedic dietary supplement, GASCURE Tablets, stimulates gastric and bile secretions, eliminating the discomfort arising after overeating, alleviating nausea, contributing to a normal and healthy digestion and intestinal absorption of food. GASCURE tablets protects gastric mucosa, helps regulate bowel movements, is an adjuvant in the therapy of oral candidiasis and providing antioxidant benefits. Can be administered to both adults and children of over 5 years age.

Gastric hyperacidity crises manifested by burning sensation in the stomach, acid regurgitation in esophagus and inefficient digestion, which can be easily controlled with Ayurmed brand dietary supplement GASCURE Syrup. It works gently on gastric glands, protects the gastric mucosa by acting as a balm on existing gastric lesions, stopping their further expansion and helps to restore affected gastric and intestinal epithelium. Meanwhile, it regulates gastric and hepatobiliary secretion and has a digestion normalizing effect.

Liver, the largest gland attached to digestive tract, plays an essential role in the metabolism of nutrients assimilated from daily food. The proper functioning of the liver, the largest repository of blood in the body is closely correlated with spleen functioning and the quality of blood. Unwarranted fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and digestive disorders are some symptoms of liver function impairment. To solve these problems, we can successfully use Ayurmed brand ayurvedic dietary supplement product LIVECOM available in form of tablets or syrup. This dietary supplement supports and enhances the liver functions and contributes to the regeneration of liver cells, restoring normal limits of increased liver size, alleviating nausea, pain and tension in right upper quadrant part of liver. Supports the natural purification processes of the liver, expelling accumulated toxins and waste byproducts accumulated in the blood due to the consumption of excessive quantity of alcohol, drugs and medication causing hepatotoxicity as their adverse effects. Dietary supplement LIVECOM also regulates bile secretion and helps normalize elevated levels of blood cholesterol, providing antiviral effect (especially against hepatitis), anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant and antioxidant benefits. It is used successfully as adjuvant to combat the inflammatory processes of acute and chronic viral hepatitis and hepatic steatosis.
LIVECOM syrup is also available as sugar free version (LIVECOM syrup sugar free) especially for the people suffering from diabetes.

In order to combat bowel disorders, especially constipation, Ayurmed brand natural ayurvedic product TRIFYLA can be successfully used. This dietary supplement protects digestive system, maintains the balance of intestinal bacterial flora, regulates bowel movement, helping to evacuate the large intestine and thus expelling toxins from the body. This remarkable effect is due to the composition of the herbs present in this supplement, namely fruits of Amalaki (Emlica offcinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Bibhitaki (Terminalia Belerica).The mixture of these three fruits provides a powerful antioxidant, preventive and curative antitumor, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits.TRIFYLA can be successfully administered to both children and adults in doses of 1-2 tablets 2-3 times daily (adult dose), 30 minutes before meals.