Livecom Tablets

Natural Protector of Liver

One of the basic concepts of Ayurveda is Agni, the fire inside, the warmth of life, the embodiment of metabolic energy. Digestive functions are associated with Agni, the “energy” of nutritive mixture, responsible for the assimilation of nutrients in the body.  The natural dietary supplement LIVECOM tablets contain bioactive substances from ayurvedic medicinal herbs that support liver in metabolic processes, accumulation, release and transformation of nutrients. Protects the integrity of the cell membrane of liver cells, prevents the penetration of harmful substances in liver which appear due to unbalanced diets, alcohol, hepatotoxic medicaments or drugs. Phytonutrients contribute in reducing free radicals to protect liver cells against the oxidative stress and degenerative processes. By maintaining a normal intestinal transit, an efficient absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract can be ensured and the liver can be supported correctly in the metabolic processes and elimination of metabolic waste and toxins from the body.  Supports the process of bile secretion and its normal discharge from the gall bladder, thus contributing to the digestion of fats and maintaining normal cholesterol and blood lipids. Helps the body to recover after overstress, fatigue, convalescence, food intoxication or potentially hepatotoxic therapies.

LIVECOM tablets contributes to:

  • maintain the health of liver, spleen and blood components in terms of unbalanced diets or presence of potentially hepatotoxic substances (alcohol, drugs, toxic);
  • supporting liver in metabolic processes, accumulation and elimination of toxins;
  • protect liver cells against the oxidative stress;
  • recovery of damaged liver cell and the regeneration of new cells by stimulating the protein synthesis;
  • sustain digestion and assimilation of nutrients in the body thereby contributing to the health and vitality;
  • support the body during situations of stress, overstress, fatigue, convalescence;

Suggested dose: As a dietary supplement, half an hour before meals.

Children between 5-14 years: take ½ (Half) tablet two times a day.

Above 14 years and adults: take 1 (one) tablet two times a day.

Attention: Do not exceed the recommended dose. The dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Pregnant or lactating women and individual with a known medical condition should consult their healthcare professional prior to taking this product or any dietary supplement.

  • Picrorhiza kurroa (Kutki), root – 100mg;
  • Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh), aerial parts (10:1) – 100mg;
  • Eclipta alba (Bhringraj), aerial parts (10:1) – 100mg;
  • Phyllanthus urinaria (Bhumyamlaki), aerial parts (10:1) – 100mg;
  • Piper longum(Pipli, Java pepper), fructe-25mg;
  • Mandur bhasma (ferric oxide) – 25mg;
  • Acacia arabica (Acacia gum – excipient) – 50 mg.
  • Picrorhiza kurroa (Kutki) – supports health and normal functioning of the liver, especially in case of intoxication with hepatotoxic substances, maintaining normal levels of liver enzymes and serum bilirubin. Supports normal fat deposition in the liver and is protective against hepatitis virus. It contributes to maintain a normal intestinal transit.
  • Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh) – supports the digestive function by increasing the bile flow and maintaining liver enzyme activity. Supports the body’s ability to self-defense.
  • Eclipta alba (Bhringraj) – supports liver functions and the elimination of metabolic residuals as well as toxins from the liver.
  • Phyllanthus urinaria (Bhumyamlaki) – supports the production and secretion of bile, preventing the formation of gallstones. Has hepatoprotective properties, maintaining cell membrane integrity and protect hepatocytes by inhibiting lipid peroxidation process (antioxidant). Maintain normal levels of liver enzymes involved in intermediary metabolism and detoxification process of the liver.
  • Piper longum (Pipli, Java pepper) – promotes the intestinal transit and contributes to increase nutrient absorption in the digestive tract. It is a general tonic, helps protect the body against the oxidative stress and its adaptation to stressful environmental conditions in daily life.
  • Mandur bhasma (Ferric oxide) – provides an adequate iron source of healthy red blood cells (anti-anemic) and contributes to the formation of iron reserve in the liver and spleen.