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Health and Harmony. Natural remedies for the entire family.

Diseases & Remedies

Ayurveda approaches the man from a holistic perspective, addressing to the entire body, made up of body, mind and spirit. The healthy body is supported to maintain health and balance and the sick body is helped to regulate functions, to heal itself.

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Skin & Hair Disorders

The active ingredients from the content of the natural cosmetics range brand Ayurmed, contribute to maintain health and beauty of skin, hair and scalp. It were manufactured using Ayurvedic old traditional recipes, thus blending tradition with technology.

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Ayurvedic Herbs

The herbs used in the content of natural dietary supplements, brand Ayurmed are harvested from clean and unpolluted areas, of the Himalayas and then, are dried naturally, using cold extraction, whose bioactive substances were not altered by external factors.

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