hidratarea tenului uscat

Hydration Of Dry Skin

Irrespective of harmonious natural features or the quality and quantity of make-up products used, a beautiful face requires a skin care above all. A healthy skin and shiny hair are the elements that attract...
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hipertensiunea arteriala


Although hypertension (High blood pressure) is one of the most common diseases and one of the major causes of deaths in the “civilized world”, people do not know much about the etiology of this disease....
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Herbs both in east and west part of the globe represented the first medical agent in the traditional and holistic therapies. In the eastern part, mainly in India, herbal medicine, science of herbs has...
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ficat gras EN

Fatty Liver

Liver, the largest gland attached with digestive tract, has multiple functions. The most important is metabolic function, i.e. conversion of food (amino acids, monosaccharaides, fatty acids, etc) absorbed from...
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ejacularea precoce

Premature Ejaculation

Following stress and disordered lifestyle, a lot of men both young and old category in today’s society are facing problems related to sexual activities like: decreased libido, erectile dysfunctions,...
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detoxifiereeea deprimavara

Detoxification Therapy

The cold season during which, the body is deprived of sunlight as well as vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables due to their improper availability, there is the possibility that the body may be...
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