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Loss of appetite

The term inappetence comes from the French word (inappétence) and designates lack of appetite, found in many diseases like feverish conditions, digestive disorders, chronic conditions, etc. The term...
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Worms and Intestinal Parasites

According to the latest statistics of the World Health Organization, currently, over 80% of the world population is suffering from various diseases caused by parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi. One in...
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sanatatea barbatului varstnic

Men’s health in old age

Nobody pleased to be told or to be found old! The marks of the passage of time can be seen on the face and figure of women, while young men envy the physical strength and the ability to enjoy the pleasures of...
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Anemia is not a disease in itself but rather a sign of illness. Anemia can be mild, moderate or severe enough to cause a number of complications that can be life-threatening. Anemia is diagnosed when there is...
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cresterea sanilor en

Breast Enhancement

The mode of women’s preoccupation of self-care has been observed since ancient time. Although, preferences and opinions that our ancestors had about beauty, were different. We can say it in the long term, at...
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sist cardiovascular iarna

Cardiovascular system in winter season

Once the cold season and extreme low temperatures get stabilized, not only respiratory diseases but also problems like flu and cold can affect the human body. In the cold season, there exist the conditions of...
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