Fatty Liver

Causes and Measures Taken if You Have Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver

Liver, the largest gland attached with digestive tract, has multiple functions. The most important is metabolic function, i.e. conversion of food (amino acids, monosaccharaides, fatty acids, etc) absorbed from the digestive tract and synthesis of innovative products.

Sometimes, this process of metabolism goes irregular and liver synthesizes excessively fat that starts accumulating in liver cells that no longer function properly. In fact, fatty liver or hepatic steatosis, in medical terms, is a disease of the liver that consists of accumulation of excess fat and disrupting liver functions. Fatty liver disease has become one of the most common diseases of the present time and a leading cause of this problem is the erratic lifestyle and unhealthy eating. Fatty liver or hepatic steatosis is the most common liver pathology found with low incidence in countries with low economic level and with high frequency in industrialized countries.

ficatul grasFatty liver is a common condition among adults. Among the risk factors for this disease are included obesity, diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, etc. Fatty liver is the starting stage for all serious liver disease (hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer). Daily excessive consumption of unhealthy foods high in fat, the liver is forced to succumb to them and instead of metabolizing fat, starts to accumulate it.
Symptoms, at least in the early stages of the disease are minor and nonspecific, however the majority of people suffering from fatty liver, ignore or consider it as other problem. Among the manifestations of fatty liver include- transit disorders, fatigue, slight weight gain, etc. In later stages, fatty liver disease becomes troublesome and has many symptoms like: nausea, loss of appetite, swollen legs, sudden weight loss due to unknown etiology, etc. A hepatic steatosis (fatty liver) with no complication is reversible.

Fatty liver treatment is based primarily on the compliance of hygienic-dietary regimen, which consists of reducing or maintaining normal values of body weight, maintaining triglycerides, cholesterol and glucose within normal limits, regular exercise, compliance the hours of rest and sleep, avoiding stress, diet alteration, etc. The person who has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease should follow a diet that involves giving up foods rich in unhealthy fats, refined sweets and especially alcohol. It is recommended to consume a diet rich in vitamins and minerals in case of fatty liver in order to cleanse toxins. Bacon, smoked foods, fatty sauces, pizza, fatty dairy products, ice cream, pork meat rich in fat, fast food products, fried potatoes etc, should not be consumed.

The consumable diet includes cereals, vegetables, fruits, dairy fat, quail eggs, chicken and beef low in fat, salmon and mackerel. All these foods provide the body the essential nutrients it needs to function normally. Vegetables and cereal grains, for example, contain fiber that helps the body to expel or metabolize unhealthy fats, while fish is rich in essential fatty omega 3 and omega 6 acids, which normalize cholesterol and lower blood triglyceride levels.
Herbs are also extremely helpful in case of fatty liver.

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