Hydration Of Dry Skin

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Hydration Of Dry Skin

Irrespective of harmonious natural features or the quality and quantity of make-up products used, a beautiful face requires a skin care above all. A healthy skin and shiny hair are the elements that attract the attention of every woman, so everyone should pay attention towards skin and hair care.
The normal skin care does not require special attention. But, the situation remains different in terms of dry skin which is most predisposed to wrinkle appearance and premature aging.
hidratarea tenului uscatDry skin complexion is generally very sensitive, as it does not get benefit of adequate protective lipid layer. The skin becomes damp and dull in color with small pores and fine superficial wrinkles, which appear due to dehydration associated with a lack of protective lipid layer. Dry skin represents a lack of sebum, which is produced in order to maintain optimal moisture of the skin. As the amount of sebum is lower than the normal, skin may redden, sometimes causing a burning sensation and itching.

The key issue with the dry skin is dehydration, which leads to lack of brightness and its elasticity. This occurs due to the consumption of an insufficient amount of water that reaches into the deep layers of skin.

The health maintains from within, so fluid intake is very important. It is recommended to consume at least 2 liters of fluid and a diet rich in fruits and fresh vegetables, rich in vitamins A, C and E, which, besides protecting against free radicals, contribute to maintain skin elasticity by sustaining the levels of collagen. Hydration helps the body in a permanent rapid transport of nutrients into the body, or more specifically, helps to make the skin feel and look better. Water represents about 60% of the total body weight and therefore the body needs to be hydrated, both externally as well as internally. The need of hydration varies from person to person, depending upon age, activity or environment in which person spends the most part the day.

Daily skin care is very important, the skin should be cleaned and nourished regularly and properly by applying daily moisturizing creams, whenever necessary, even several times a day. For cleansing the skin, use of soap is not recommended indifferent if it is a moisturizing one because it may dehydrate the skin. The ideal way is to remove the impurities which can be done with moisturizing milk, then rinsed, followed by applying a non-alcoholic lotion.

This type of skin is affected by both environmental conditions, as well as excessive use of daily care cosmetics or due to their inappropriate use. To moisturize dry skin, essential oils are recommended such as Almond oil, Dill seed oil, Olive oil etc. or, in their absence, Aloe vera and Honey can be applied. Nutrients are absorbed in skin during the night more efficiently, the time when skin is not in contact with harmful environmental factors.

For optimum hydration of skin, specialists of STAR INTERNATIONAL MED have created the ollowing cosmetic products formulated with natural herb ingredients:

– Exfoliant WALNUT SCRUB: containing Walnut Shell granules (Juglans regia) with exfoliating effects, Aloe vera extract having disinfectant and antioxidant properties, Melia Azadirachta (Neem) extract with antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

Mask: REJUVENATING FACE MASK: contains oils of Almond and Wheat germ with nourishing properties, extracts of Acacia arabica and Aegle marmelos with emollient and nourishing effects.

– For massage, the following products can be used interchangeably:
FACIAL MASSAGE CREAM containing extracts of Cinnamon, Dates and wheat germ oil providing stimulating effect on blood circulation of the facial skin.
FRUIT MASSAGE CREAM containing extracts of Papaya, Pineapple and Rose, providing regenerating and emollient effects.

HIGHLY EMOLLIENT MASSAGE CREAM containing extracts of Licorice and Pineapple and Almond oil providing nourishing and emollient effects.

– For daily skin care:
PEARL CREAM (contains oils of Almond and Wheat germ, Date extract and Pearl powder) for rejuvenating skin.
GOLD CREAM (with extracts of Rose, Saffron, Manjistha, Lodhra and Gold powder) for mature complexions.