Herbs both in east and west part of the globe represented the first medical agent in the traditional and holistic therapies. In the eastern part, mainly in India, herbal medicine, science of herbs has developed having the origin of the wise vision.

Phytotherapy has been enriched and perfectionated over thousands of years of experience. From this perspective, Ayurveda contains everything probably ancient, more visionary and more developed in the field of phytotherapy worldwide. Such a standard does not require perfection but require translation and adaptation.

fitoterapiaSome believe that indian phytotherapy is not relevant, representing as an old, traditional, full of religion and superstition, which in present time, would not find applicability. Also they believe that plants are mostly tropical plants, which can not be accessed or do not support acclimatization in the area and our environment and, at the same time, many of us realize the need to address the treatment spiritually and psychologically. A physical disease is usually the result of an emotional imbalance, so we can find spiritual use of plants. According to Indian traditions there is a particular importance for our society which is full of disparities. Far from being foreign to the present era, Ayurvedic phytotherapy is more necessary presently than ever.

Ayurveda means the science of life, an alternative medicine and a science that encompasses all the complexity of life and connects the individual life of the universe. Being open to all aspects of life, it includes all the aspects and all methods that bring us into harmony with life. Ayurveda does not belong to the East or West, old or current time. It is one and the same knowledge belonging to all living beings. Is is not a system imposed on them but a resource to inspire to adapt to needs of every individual in a specific manner and in his own living environment.

Alternative Medicine Ayurveda not only provides specific herbs, but also provides a way to understand thoroughly about all plants.

Ayurveda removes barriers to human beings to make a possible appearance of a new era, medical knowledge about the art of prevention, maintenance, healing.

Ayurmed comes to your support with a variety of products for various imbalances and diseases.