Purification of the body

Cold Season

Purification of the body

Cold season, cooked food and consistent caloric diet but low in vitamins and minerals for our health is a big challenge. Primarily, in winter season, the human body is exposed to abnormal and low temperature, which requires enhancement of calorie burn to maintain normal temperature of body.

Cold season brings low temperature, short days, an increase in appetite, which are perceived mentally as a tough period, which is why the body prepares to cope with. Most of the times, the change of seasons comes with emotional changes, whether or not the person is aware of this. As a result, the person begins to “indulge” to certain foods, particularly sweets, which gives a good feeling, but simultaneously enhances the fat deposition in the body. Moreover, the metabolism becomes slower, hence, at the same time there appears urge to eat more healthy as well as copious food.

purificarea organismuluiDuring this period, people eat a lot of meat products which are rich in fat, salt, sugar and in the winter season there is less possibility of consuming fruit and vegetables. In today’s generation, we live in a heavily industrialized society, whereas, agriculture and food industries use large amounts of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, genetically modified organisms, that may “contaminate” food followed by accumulation of toxic substances in the body. The consequence in order to be reviewed the large number of overweight and obese in the number of people diagnosed with digestive and liver diseases. The diet balance during the cold season is maintained on the one hand, through the sources of vitamins from the food we eat every day, and on the other hand, the proper hydration of the body. Thus, the main foods of summer season like vegetables, fruits and salads have the same priority in the winter season but their number is tailored depending upon the availability in depending upon the season. In addition, healthy eating is mandatory, as the level of physical activity is much lower in winter unlike summer.

To avoid accumulating extra weight and keep our body healthy during winter season, the diet specific to cold season must be adapted to the body. In this period light soups are very beneficial. Cream soups containing a high content of salt, fatty meats which are usually consumed in large quantities in this season are not recommended. Instead of that, moderate quantity of liver based preparations, which are rich in protein, vitamins A, B3, B12, folic acid and iron can be consumed. It is recommended to eat beetroots due to their high content of iron, carotene and vitamins and provide detoxifying properties as well as help regulate blood pressure. Similarly parsnips, celery, leek, cabbage (white or red), radish (black or white) are also beneficial.

To ease the digestion, it is better to opt for kefir instead of yogurt. As major importance, regardless of the season is that the breakfast can be more consistent, the idea in this respect is a bowl of oatmeal or other whole grains with kefir. The use of seasonal fruits: pomelo, oranges, grapefruit, especially rich in antioxidants is equally beneficial. Even if it is cold outside, the body still needs moisture, hence, a proper intake of fluid should not be neglected. For a strong health, a purification of the body at least at the change of each season is required. Hundreds of years ago, the natural environment was not polluted and the man was not affected by a multitude of substances hazardous to health and the body did not need to be detoxified because the body used to have very efficient mechanisms of natural detoxification. Today, modern man requires a need of stimulation of natural detoxification mechanisms, because this is the only way to clean the body of toxins that make it sick and which are the main causes of medium and long term disease.

The most important organ of detoxification is the liver, but as a proportion, the most important detoxification system is the colon. Liver destroys viruses and microbes, neutralizes their toxins, inactivates and eliminates toxic substances (chemicals, drug metabolites, synthetic vitamins, food additives, heavy metals, etc), extracts and eliminates cellular wastes from the blood. Constipation, indigestion, dry skin or skin spots are the signs indicating that the liver needs support for detoxification processes. If the digestion is not done properly, the remaining undigested food reaches the colon, affecting its microflora and health. The health of colon influences many body systems and organs, including proper functioning of the immune system.

Moreover, herbal remedies are also very helpful. For the purification and regeneration of the liver, Ayurmed brand natural ayurvedic dietary supplement LIVECOM can be used which is available in the forms of tablets and syrups. This dietary supplement supports and improves liver functions and its activity, contributes to its natural regeneration, maintaining its proper size, relieving nausea, pain and tension in the affected zone of liver. Supports the natural cleansing processes of the liver, expelling toxins and wastes from the blood accumulated due to alcohol, drugs and hepatotoxic medications. Natural dietary supplement LIVECOM also regulates biliary secretion and helps to normalize blood cholesterol levels, possesses antiviral (especially in case of hepatitis), anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant and antioxidant effects. LIVECOM can be administered successfully in case of inflammatory symptoms associated with acute and chronic viral hepatitis and hepatic steatosis.

For the people suffering from diabetes LIVECOM sugar-free syrup is also available!

Also, for cleansing the body, it is important to combat bowel disorders, especially constipation. For this, Ayurmed brand natural ayurvedic dietary supplement TRIFYLA can be successfully used. This supplement protects the digestive system, maintains the balance of intestinal bacterial flora, regulates intestinal transit, helping to evacuate the large intestine and thus eliminates toxins. These remarkable effects are due to the composition of the herbs contained in TRIFYLA, namely Amalaki (Emlica offcinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Bibhitaki (Terminalia Belerica). The mixture of these three herbs in the form of their fruits provides powerful antioxidant, antitumor (preventive and curative), analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits. TRIFYLA can be successfully administered in both children and adults in doses of 1-2 tablets 2-3 times 30 minutes daily before meals.