High Cholesterol

Hypercholesterolemia - Increased Concentration Of Cholesterol In Blood

High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance necessary for the proper functioning of the body and is a useful substance in the processes such as formation of cell membranes, some hormones and vitamin D. Cholesterol is essential for life as it enters the structure of all cell membranes, while it is important to maintain a balance of fats in the body.

colesterol maritHypercholesterolemia or high cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular system. Dyslipidemia represents an increase in lipids (fats) in the blood (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc). In order to be transported by the blood, liver cholesterol is bound to some carrier “proteins”. This formed combination is called lipoproteins, of which the most important are:

-LDL cholesterol or “bad cholesterol”. This fraction of cholesterol if present in excess, gets deposited in blood vessels. Thereby forms plaque, which is basically a deposit of fat in blood vessel. As a result of this phenomenon, blood vessel becomes thicker and narrower and loses its elasticity in an extensive manner.
-HDL cholesterol or “good cholesterol” does not deposit on blood vessels and has a great value in cardiovascular protective effect. Among the factors that cause high cholesterol include smoking, high fat diet, etc.

Smoking is a factor that increases the tendency of blood to coagulate and formation of clots/atherosclerotic plaques in arteries, clogging them followed by acute myocardial infarction or stroke. Thus, people who know that they have high cholesterol have to give up smoking habit.

Dietary fat is the main threat to anyone due to their caloric concentration as well as due to the diversity of forms and contents found in them. A person with high cholesterol should avoid meat and meat products mainly bacon, eggs (not allowed more than two eggs a week, should be boiled, not fried and the yolk should be avoided), milk and milk fat (butter, cream, etc), pastries, snacks, fried foods, fast food products, etc. However, there are also some good fats in foods that help lower high cholesterol if consumed in moderate quantity which are: olive oil, flaxseed oil, walnuts, oleaginous seeds, avocado, fish, etc.

Daily consumption of alcohol in excess may lead to elevated cholesterol levels and even fatty liver (hepatic steatosis). In some persons with increased cholesterol levels, alcoholic beverages in any quantity are contraindicated. If in the family, grade I relatives, there exists an antecedent cardiac disorders, myocardial infarction, cerebro-vascular accident – all these are signs of atherosclerosis and increased cholesterol levels and basically, an existence of increased cholesterol can also be due to genetic factors. Similarly, the presence of diabetes mellitus in a person with elevated cholesterol levels may lead to think seriously about hypercholesterolemia, because diabetes accelerates nocive effects of elevated cholesterol levels, aggravating a condition of atherosclerosis.

Sedentary life style increases the risk of the appearance of cardiovascular disorders. It is understood that regular exercise increases the HDL (good cholesterol) levels, contributing in maintaining normal levels of blood sugar and blood pressure as well as in weight management. 30 to 60 min daily physical exercise is advised but it should not lead to chest pain, breathing difficulty or dizziness.

To overcome the problems related to increased cholesterol, stress management is as important factor along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Because, when we are tensed or nervous, we are more likely to neglect cholesterol reduction than when we are not stressed. Stress, combined with negative emotions, nervousness, anxiety states, depression triggers the release of chemicals that constrict arteries, reduce blood flow to the heart and increase blood pressure. These events, in combination with high cholesterol increase the occurrence of a heart attack. To avoid stress, it is the important to get relaxed and distracting the tense conditions.

Ayurvedic natural herbal remedies come to support people with high cholesterol. Herbs with detoxifying actions with liver function stimulating effects are most effective in this case. Ayurmed brand ayurvedic remedy LIVECOM can be successfully used which is available in tablets or syrup. This dietary supplement supports and enhances liver functions and contributes its natural regeneration process, restoring normal limits of liver size, alleviates nausea, right upper quadrant pain and tension.

LIVECOM supports purification processes of the liver, expelling toxins and waste from the blood accumulated due to an excessive intake of alcohol, drugs and hepatotoxic drugs. The dietary supplement LIVECOM also regulates hepato-biliary secretion and helps normalize high blood cholesterol levels, providing antiviral (especially against hepatitis), anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant and antioxidant effects. It is used successfully to combat the inflammatory conditions related with acute and chronic viral hepatitis and fatty liver. For people suffering from diabetes, LIVECOM sugar free syrup is also available.

If hypercholesterolemia is accompanied by high blood sugar levels, in that case Ayurmed brand natural remedy DAITAB can be beneficial, which is rich in active ingredients of herb origin, minerals and trace elements, especially zinc, known for its role as a protector of pancreatic function. Dietary supplement DAITAB is a unique blend of herbs, especially known for having hypoglycemic effects. The active ingredients of herbs are hypoglycemic compounds, volatile oils, glycosides, galli tannins, minerals and trace elements, contributing in normal pancreas functions and maintaining blood glucose levels within normal limits.

If hypercholesterolemia occurs in overweight people, in this condition, concomitant use of Ayurmed brand natural dietary supplement SLEMOL is recommended which combines specific Indian herbs providing an optimum and healthy weight management. Dietary supplement SLEMOL contains herbs (Garcinia cambogia) and by virtue of their active ingredients, temper and normalize excessive appetite, reducing the conversion of carbohydrates into fats and accelerate oxidation reactions of carbohydrates. SLEMOL reduces obesity and its associated disorders, regulating metabolism, normalizing elevated blood cholesterol levels responsible for cardiovascular accidents. SLEMOL is administered in adults and, if necessary, in adolescents over 16 years.