Joints Pain

“Each person must find some time to sit down and watch leaf fall,” said Elizabeth Lawrence, a famous American writer. Once autumn season stars, body undergoes various physiological changes as autumn comes with variations in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, less sunlight, shorter days and changes in diet. Also as a result of climate change, immunity decreases, favoring the appearance of viruses, worsening the conditions such “seasonal colds”, bone and joint and / or muscle pain.
With the arrival of the rainy season, cold and humidity penetrate bones and rheumatic pain intensifies. Choosing the appropriate therapy for these health conditions must take into account.

Anyone can suffer from joint pain occasionally. But we are accustomed to associate the idea of rheumatism with any type of joint pain, even though it may be caused by other acute or chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, arthritis or gout (to be mentioned that there are more than 100 types of rheumatic diseases). While osteoarthritis is only responsible for joint inflammation, affecting people of any age, arthrosis affects cartilage leading the person suffering from premature aging of joints.
The most common symptoms of rheumatism are pain, stiffness and inflammation.
The problem for most individuals who suffer from joint pain and muscle pain is the fact that joint pain can be just relieved, not cured by various types of allopathic remedies. Joint pain caused by rheumatism elevates discomforts, felt in certain joints (wrists, for example). Pain intensity may change depending on environmental conditions, such as cold or hot. Body regions where inconvenient pain appears, are sensitive to touch and painful during movement. Also, regions affected by rheumatism may redden, may become hot and cause painful inflammation.

Ayurveda believes that the main cause of these diseases is poor digestion or weakened colon. This leads to incomplete digestion of food and formation of waste product called “Ama” (toxins) and their accumulation in joints. If digestive “Fire” (“Agni” or metabolism) normalizes, “Ama” (toxin) is no longer formed. Other factors favoring these diseases are represented by unhealthy eating that cause unhealthy blood, eating in late hours, repeated exposure to cold, local injuries, etc.
The best known natural remedy for rheumatic pain is raw cabbage. Experts found that cabbage has the ability to alleviate joint inflammation and rheumatic pains. To relieve rheumatic pains, poultices of cabbage are recommended (Prepared by passing a rolling pin on cabbage leaves, removing their prominent ribs, then applied in each layer three to four leaves directly on the painful area and tied with a bandage and are changed several times a day). Cabbage juice also can be given for this type of pain which is known for tonic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Similarly, nettle, dandelion, ginger, turmeric and garlic are well recognized remedies in relieving joint pain.

Ayurmed brand product ARTRISALM is a natural ayurvedic dietary supplement that helps detoxify the body and improves overall blood circulation including in joints. Its remarkable effect is to remove toxins accumulated in joints. This results in a number of beneficial effects, like alleviating the pain and inflammation of joints, retaining their mobility and stopping their further degenerative process.
One of the herbs used in ARTRISALM is Boswelia serrata, known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic remedy that acts directly on joint inflammation, which is the main cause of pain. It is used successfully in case of rheumatic inflammatory problems like arthritis, arthrosis, chronic inflammation of large intestine, relieves kidney problems (inflammation, toxin accumulation). Boswelia serrata acts by dissolving waste by products and this effect is so potential that even it has the ability to dissolve stones.

Extract of Allium sativum – garlic, also contained in ARTRISALM considered as universal remedy, very effective in improving the blood quality due to its curative properties on the circulatory system. It also has a stimulant effect on digestion, expelling toxins from the body which are formed due to incomplete digestion.
Zingiber officinalis – Ginger reduces inflammatory condition of the articular tissues, providing them nutrition and thus relieving pain. Ginger also acts to improves blood circulation by maintaining circulatory system as well as providing vaso-dilator effect.
Withania somnifera – Ashwagandha, is a sacred herb found in India, considered both traditional medicine and by researchers, valuable due its tonic, refreshing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits. It is a potential natural remedy, providing support in persons affected by a various form of arthritis.
Vitex negundo – Nirgundi also has benefits in alleviating inflammation, especially those of joints.

ARTRISALM, in this way, helps restore and maintain joint health. Improves joint mobility, reducing the discomfort caused by specific stiffness condition due to arthritis. By virtue of this effect, ARTRISALM is beneficial in people who are experiencing a state of stiffness accompanied by pain in the morning upon awakening, as well as people who suffer from a stiffness that prevents them to carry out their daily activities. ARTRISALM lubricates joints, alleviates pain caused by degenerative articular process and promotes natural regeneration in case of over exertion. The herb content in ARTRISALM provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects to the joints, hence, this product can be successfully used in all forms of rheumatic conditions. For a more efficient purification of the body, ARTRISALM can be accompanied by Ayurmed brand dietary supplement MARGUSA, an ayurvedic product, an excellent natural cleanser of the body, especially the blood.

For joint health, specialists of STAR INTERNATIONAL MED have created Ayurmed brand (a brand of STAR INTERNATIONAL MED) ayurvedic remedies ARTRISALM, MARGUSA and NON DOLOR.