Stress in the present society

What is stress?

Stress in the present society

Stress can be described as the manner in which the body reacts to frustrating situations or those involving adrenaline. In other words, stress is an individual reaction and a result of the interaction between environmental requirements on one hand resources, capacities and on the other, capabilities of the individual. In general, stress is an intense and unpleasant condition which may cause long-term negative effects on health, performance and productivity. Prolonged stress or anxiety can cause from simple fussiness to a serious mental illness.

The term stress was explained by Hans Selye, the famous scholar at the University of Montreal in 1925. The term “stress” could be used in two ways:
– From the psychiatric point of view, the emotional side and adaptation effort;
– the most popular term given by Hans Selye was based on neuro-endocrine and humoral disturbances caused by the action of harmful factors.

Nowadays stress is faced by all, children, adults and elderly in relation to the occurrences of new situations: admission to kindergarden or school, shifting/transfer, work inspection, fear of reprimand, adults have may reason to face stress at work, in personal life, family, career, illnesses, surgical interventions, etc.
stresul in societatea actualaStress, in general, causes metabolic and hormonal changes in the body, affecting all organs. The human body have a natural mechanism to combat stress, which consist of diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables and meat in a small quantity, proper rest for the body so that to be able to regenerate positivism and energy. All these factors may contribute to diminish stress hormones significantly. Unfortunately, nowadays these mechanisms are diminished because fewer people involve in physical activity or healthy diet regime and the reasons of stress are excessive – hence, natural anti-stress mechanisms are often outdated, leading to an influence of undesirable effects of stress.
Among the physical manifestations of stress include: palpitations, dizziness, loss of appetite, digestive problems, joint pain, insomnia, shortness of breath, stuttering or retaining the voice too quickly, without adequate articulation, pronounced fatigue, frequent infections, reduced sex drive, etc.

The feeling of sadness that occurs following the stress is manifested by the appearance of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, pessimism and dissatisfaction. Stresses can make someone less supportable/tolerable because of creating irritability and hostility. It may also affect the work efficiency as person becomes forgetful, lethargic and unable to concentrate on tasks.
In order to alleviate mental fatigue, we can make frontal massage with Coconut oil which may be helpful by applying gentle movements. Natural aroma of coconut oil has a soothing effect, reduces stress and relaxes the mind after a long and tiring day, being a source of energy. Among the diets beneficial in case of the effects of stress include oranges and blueberries which are rich resources of vitamin C and antioxidants.
Understanding that stress and anxiety are some situations against which we can fight without relying on medical help or medication. Short-term stress sometimes comes with ourselves as a desire to compete even with ourselves regardless whether we are prepared for the situation which requires or does not require self-fretting. Sometimes, we do worry too much for nothing.

The studies referring to cope with stress have brought a fundamental change in research on stress by changing the orientation to describe and research the methods by which the individual can control factors and situation causing stress. According to this new method of addressing the problems, stress must not be sought only in relation to the individual, or only in the incidents, but also in the individual-environment relationship. The quantitative and qualitative characteristic of a single stress factor does not influence the intensity of the state of stress. Negative reactions to stress are the result of the imbalance between demands (internal or external) and individual’s resources to cope with them. Aggressing factors go through several individual filters that lead to amplify or diminish the reactions, depending on how these factors are perceived.

Stress should be regarded as a part of life, a natural part to which we can fight naturally. Physical exercise improves health, increases immunity, eliminates endorphins, helps improve self-esteem and lowers stress levels. Also, a healthy natural diet, based on fruits and vegetables is one way to combat the effects of stress.

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