Immune System Of Children

Every parent wants to have a healthy kid. Childhood is a very beautiful time of life, but at the same time the parent remains anxious about diseases that children cand acquire. The presence of a child in a crowded place or a community is one of the factors involved in frequent colds. It is known a “scenario” that leads to problems for all parents: the child goes to the crowded place or community and returns home with running nose, cough, fever and sore throat and is forced to stay for a few days at home. But once he goes back to the crowded place or community, returns with the same symptoms and resumes the same scenario.

Actually, immunity of children is one of the main concerns of parents right from the starting of child’s birth. Passing through to a variance temperature and humidity favors respiratory infections. The incidence of respiratory diseases is not so involved with low temperature but due to the fact that the body spends much time in closed, unventilated conditions. This is followed by closer contact with people carrying bacteria. Also, cold weather, food, heat and humidity variations influence the status of the body’s defense which tries to fight with various bacteria and viruses to a certain moment, when the defense capacity is exhausted and the disease appears.

Child’s immune system is not fully developed. With respect to respiratory diseases in children, contact between each other among them must be considered since they do not know how to protect themselves from external factors (e.g. protecting against sneezing by another child). In addition to this the food habits like children’s refusal to eat vegetables and fruits, leading the appearance of vitamin deficiency followed by repeated colds. Diet is an important component in the growth and development of the immune system of children. In this sense, a food category beneficial probiotic content such as dairy products, tomatoes, onions, asparagus, garlic and artichokes, helping to increase the body’s natural ability to self-defense in children.
Fight against viruses, bacteria or other disease-causing microorganisms never ends. Regardless of winter, summer, spring or autumn, child’s immune system needs all the time strong nutritional support, in order to cope successfully with aggressors which affect his health. Quite often, children make contact of their hands on various objects on the floor, where, some viruses can survive for long periods of time on these places.

Playing a team outdoor game is beneficial so that the child is able to come in contact with sunlight and has fresh air helpful in increasing the immunity because physical activity stimulates blood circulation and therefore build up immune cells. Following this, the child will have good appetite and sleep well. Enough sleep is another key component to strengthen the child’s immune system.
Willing to protect the child, parents sometimes make mistakes By maintaining excessive sanitation for all items / areas that may come in contact of the child’s immune system neglecting the truth that the little ones have to fight and create their own antibodies against millions of microbes with which the child comes in contact. Parents should be having a relaxed attitude regarding the child’s natural desire to explore the world around him having everything in it, so when your children go into the community, they have a strong body. Last but not least, a family environment full of peace, love and understanding contributes to child health. Children are sensitive not only to the physical level but also to an emotional level. A child who is part of a family unit, where disputes, screaming, frenzy atmosphere, violence or negative atmosphere do not exist, fails sick less often.

The immune system is strengthened by positive feelings of contentment, joy, happiness of the child. It was found that when in the family life of the child is full of quarrels, grievances, tears etc., the child becomes sad, sometimes stressed, limits/closes himself and suffers from weak immunity. Child’s immune system develops around the age of 11-12 years. Until this age, tonsils and thymus (“gland Childhood”, which involutes after 14 years) are the real schools for immunity. These lymphoid organs “instruct” other components of the immune system with memory, means when the body meets a pathogen (virus, bacteria), it’s fight against it and post “confrontation” leads to development of antibodies. Certain categories of antibodies remain in the body for whole life and during next “confrontation” with a pathogen, the immune system recognize it, remembers everything about it and defeat it easily. Therefore it is said that childhood colds help build immunity, improve the immune system, so we rarely get cold during the adulthood or maximum once or twice a year. The memories of the immune system help us to suffer childhood diseases (chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella etc.) just once in our life.

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