Embelia Ribes


Climbing plants found in hilly parts of India, the Himalayas, found in places to a height of 1500 m. It is a widely spread shrub with long, thin and fragile stem, bark is studded with lenticels. Leaves are simple, coriaceous, alternate, elliptic, ovate and lanceolate. Petiole is 1.0 cm margin. The flowers are small, yellow, green, pink white in color. The fruit is the size of white pepper, reddish brown to blackish in color. It is found in the bunches.

Chemical composition – Contains daucosterol, embelic acid, 3 (2H)-benzofuran, crystembine, embelin, embelinol, esters of embelyaribil, quercitol, resins, homoembelin acid, linoleum, sitosterol, fixed oil, tannin, daucosterol, vidangine, vilangine.

Properties – Astringent, anthelmintic, anti-estrogenic, carminative, digestive, laxative, soothing, stimulant, stomachic, and thermogenic, brain tonic, carminative.

Recommendation – Intestinal parasites, intestinal worms, abdominal disorders, fungal infections, flatulence, constipation, indigestion, headaches, hemorrhoids, lung disease, obesity, piles, pneumonia, mouth ulcers, toothache and sore throat, dyspepsia, colic, tumors, asthma, general debility.

This plant is incorporated in natural remedies HAPPY KID Syrup, WORM END Syrup.