Autumn Asthenia

Autumn Asthenia

Usually, changing from one season to another causes discomfort even in healthy people when the change is sudden without allowing a person to get accommodated. With the arrival of autumn, especially if the change from summer was abruptly realized, the human body begins to experience some symptoms, such as the condition of drowsiness, fatigue, stress, body weakness or in other words asthenia. Being a season of changes in environmental conditions with unexpected fluctuation of temperatures, unstable weather in general, the autumn reflects on the human body causing variations in body temperature, headache, colds and viral symptoms, etc.

astenia de toamnaAutumn asthenia is common in all ages, from children to elderly; to avoid and diminish its specific symptoms, a diet rich in vitamins and protein, and a sufficient number of hours of sleep are very helpful. In autumn, the body needs foods rich in vitamins (B, C, coenzyme Q10) and minerals (Mg, Fe, Zn). Among the most energizing foods are: wholegrain cereals, parsley, seaweed, peaches, zucchini, figs, liver and red meat.

Specialists could not determine the exact causes of autumn asthenia, but a unified conclusion is that the low amount of natural sunlight light due to the shortening of the days. In many species, the daily activities are diminished in winter in response to reduced possibilities of getting various types of food and temperature discomfort.

Hibernation is an extreme example. It seems that seasonal affective disorder represents humans as a form of evolved hibernation, a remnant of the adaptive behavior of Human ancestors. If this hypothesis is correct, then seasonal affective disorders are not actually some dysfunctions but are normal responses to seasonal changes.

Among the specific manifestations of autumn asthenia sadness and fatigue, lack of interest in daily activities (used to enjoy in the summer), difficulty concentrating, feelings of hopelessness, lack of initiative, decreased energy and difficulty in relationships can be enumerated. In addition to vitamins, minerals and restful sleep, exercise, outdoor walks are beneficial in response to self-isolation and stress which predisposes depression. Also, any activity that involves energy, pleasure and happiness, helps to maintain healthy body and its adaptation to the external environment conditions.

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