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In recent years, the population trend has been to direct the attention towards a healthy lifestyle, by choosing products with natural ingredients, however focusing only on some food, without taking into account other equally effective recognized for their benefits on the body. Numerous studies have shown that some products may increase life expectancy, improve physical […]

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About anxiety, it can be said that it is a body reaction to stressful situations through which it passes. Anxiety alerts us against the dangers and allows us to get up, we gather physical, emotional and mental resources to “fight” with the newly arising challenges/situations. Anxiety is an excessive mobilization of psychic energy and is […]

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Stress in the present society

Stress can be described as the manner in which the body reacts to frustrating situations or those involving adrenaline. In other words, stress is an individual reaction and a result of the interaction between environmental requirements on one hand resources, capacities and on the other, capabilities of the individual. In general, stress is an intense […]

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