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Natural Remedies

In the recent times we hear more often about the return towards nature and natural remedies, both in terms of lifestyle and in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Everyone talks about natural remedies, but how many people know about them? Are all these natural remedies medicaments? So what are the natural remedies actually? Analyzing […]

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Hair Loss

Hair loss appears on the list problems faced by many people. It appears normal if around 100 hairs per day are lost. But it may be a conspicuous problem for women and men when it becomes excessive. Hair loss can have a number of causes both external and internal and if not treated in time, […]

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Spring Detox Therapy

In spring, the body suffers from various modifications and it must adapt to the new climate change, brighter days, etc. During winter season, the body becomes weakened because it remained deprived of vitamins and minerals, as well as there was an excess consumption of copious and fatty foods, consisting of meat. Poor nutrition in winter […]

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