Natural Remedies

Strengthening the body by using the natural remedies

Natural Remedies

In the recent times we hear more often about the return towards nature and natural remedies, both in terms of lifestyle and in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Everyone talks about natural remedies, but how many people know about them? Are all these natural remedies medicaments? So what are the natural remedies actually?
Analyzing the first term “remedy” explanation resides that “it is a way of straightening or improving a health situation, states”, etc. The second term “natural” refers to nature, “which belongs to nature, which is found in nature, generated, produced, created by nature, without human intervention, clean unadulterated and pure”.

remediile naturaleAnalyzing these two terms together we can say that the natural remedies are “panacea/solutions provided by nature,” or a series of procedures, alternative therapies to “traditional medicines” that do not have side effects. Natural remedies term refers not only to a particular herb, but can be referred to a positive state, a positive mental attitude, etc.
Natural remedies are mainly herbal combination in the form of powders or extracts, known for their properties and for their beneficial effects on health. To cope with the daily health problems, stress, etc, human body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals which can be obtained not only from the diet (fruits and vegetables), but also from natural remedies.

How the natural remedies act? While some people deny the natural remedies as an illusion, using herbs is a practice rooted in natural medical practice. Doctors in ancient times collected information about the herbs and herbal mixtures, thereby contributing to the development of today’s pharmacopoeea. There are diseases that can be treated with remedies that, when used improperly, can have toxic effects, as in case of diseases in which whatever caused it that constitutes also the remedy for it. More than a quarter part of the medicaments in the market contains active ingredients derived from herbs, known for their beneficial properties for thousands of years.

However, it was found that herbal remedies in the form of tablets/capsules/ syrups, powders, tinctures, gemoderivatives, are better tolerated and metabolized by the body than synthetic drugs (remedies). The herbs are still an alternative to traditional medicines. As it happens most of the time, the person relies on the natural remedies when the body has suffered an imbalance or an already existing ailment. Nevertheless it does not mean that these remedies are completely free of side effects. Like conventional treatments, the herb too, may have adverse effects if not taken properly. Children and pregnant women are the categories of individuals exposed to highest risk randomly associated with several diseases in case of inappropriate use of herbs. These unpleasant effects are related to the administration of herbs in inadequate amounts (greater than the amount prescribed/recommended), the change in the frequency of administration or improper preparation of tinctures or volatile oils, etc. There exists a category of herbs whose use is not recommended for children (Ginseng, for example) or whose use is not recommended to females. Also, it was proven that vitamins A and E, known for their antioxidant effects, may increase mortality if consumed 10 times more than their recommended daily intake. Iron, known for alleviating memory problems and indicated in fatigue, may cause cirrhosis or liver cancer due to its accumulation in the liver upon its long-term administration. To ensure a high level of protection, it is necessary to consume dietary supplements containing vitamins and minerals which are normally found in the diet.
The herbs act slower than a synthetic drug (it takes up to one month until the plant/plants start acting therapeutically, unlike synthetic drugs which cause the immediate effect), but the effects of natural remedies are stable over time (as no disease has appeared at once, healing also does not occur at once).

The dietary supplements contain not only nutrients but also other ingredients such as amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber, various herbs and herbal extracts.
The natural remedies as dietary supplements are beneficial for human health, only if they are used in conformity with their basic principle and according to the recommendation of medical practitioners of alternative/complementary medicine. If the natural remedies are properly administered and associated with a natural diet and a healthy lifestyle, they can replace synthetic drugs, being wonders for the health.
Every person has his/her individuality. Investigation, methods of prevention and treatment of diseases must be personalized according to each individual. Several factors should be considered, such as genetic, constitutional type, time and location of evolving the disease, person’s lifestyle, diet, the results of analyzes, etc.

“Ayurveda” or “the art of healthy living” is not just a conventional medical system but is a true art of living. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of health practice based on the holistic concept of wellbeing and the health of the entire body. Ayurvedic therapies combine herbs, meditation sessions, yoga, and massage therapy which became very popular in the West as an alternative to prevent and combat a wide range of diseases and health conditions. A branch of Ayurveda called “Rasayana” provides complete solutions for maintaining the body in optimum health and shape even in old age, underlining the fact that the oldest person on the planet complies with the principles of Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Ayurvedic natural remedies help healthy people to maintain health and balance, and the sick to restore the health. Also, through the ayurvedic natural remedies, a person is helped to regulate the overall body functions and self-healing because Ayurveda address a man within a holistic prospects not only treating the disease but also addressing to the entire body as a whole as body, mind and spirit.
Currently, the concepts of natural medicine, natural remedies are synonymous to health and body energy. In this way it explains the consumer in a more pronounced manner, the desire to be self-educated in the influence of natural remedies and to inform the curative properties of herbs.