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Heatstroke and Migraine

The sun has become “the greatest enemy” of man in summer and the methods of protection from sunrays become common topics for discussion among specialists, both medical doctors as well herbalists and homeopaths. The sun may cause a state of drowsiness, a situation where excessive loss of body fluids can increase body temperature whereas ultraviolet […]

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Obesity And Its Consequences

Nutritional disorders and obesity, especially those of varying degrees, usually represent a major risk factor for human health. Without any extreme changes, maintaining the body weight should occupy a prominent place in our daily preoccupations. The society looks over weight persons with the eyes of criticism and accusing them as gourmand in an unjustified manner. […]

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Purification of the body

Cold season, cooked food and consistent caloric diet but low in vitamins and minerals for our health is a big challenge. Primarily, in winter season, the human body is exposed to abnormal and low temperature, which requires enhancement of calorie burn to maintain normal temperature of body. Cold season brings low temperature, short days, an […]

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Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal disorders belong to the conditions which are becoming more prevalent in the society in which we live. Daily stress, disorganized lifestyle, daily problems, polluted environment, lack of exercise and poor diet, all these are factors that cause a number of severe hormonal disorders. Menstrual cycle in mature women is an indicator of the balance […]

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