The Alternative Medicine


The Alternative Medicine

Across the world, there appear more and more alternatives to classical medicine and the alternative medicine is currently in great demand all over the world.
Disease is a state of “imbalance” that diminishes the joy, happiness, can destroy the family and evolving till death in some cases. It is important not to get the disease, and if it cannot be avoided, it is important that it must be “eliminated/evicted” from the body.

Medicine is a branch of biological science which aims, on the one hand, the study of the human body and its functioning, on the other hand – on the basis such knowledge – preserving and restoring health (the term comes from the Latin burnt medicine which in translation means “the art of healing”).

medicina alternativaAlternative medicine, also called complementary medicine or unconventional medicine consists of diagnosis and treatment methods that exist apart from the traditional allopathic medicine. The human body must be treated as a whole, from studies and the practice of medicine, Hippocrates observed that some individuals cope with illness easier than others. His expression remained famous: “What causes a disease same can heal.”
When the classical medicine offers no solutions or, in addition to conventional methods, alternative medicine can help solve the problems. While conventional medicine is focused more on the effect of treating disease using treatments based on synthetic drugs that have negative side effects, alternative medicine aims treating the cause of disease, taking into account both physical, emotional and mental. The allopathic medicine treats diseases only after physical symptoms, using the same remedies and recipes for everyone. Alternative medicine seeks to treat and remove the causes that led to the disease, while classical medicine treats the effect and neglect the etiology (like in case of headache, take a painkiller tablet). Each person is different from another, and the same disease may manifest differently, therefore, the treatment must be customized. The remedies used by alternative medicine act gently, restoring vital capacity that sustains life for all living creatures on earth.

From ancient times, man has suffered from various actions with deleterious effect, was injured hit, was fugitive and bitten by wild beasts or had been affected by various diseases. In these situations, the man had to take care with what was in hand he had.

Creator has gifted human beings with the gift of self-heal like animals. Contrary to the belief by medical professionals, alternative medicine has a history just as long as that of mankind, because diseases have existed from the earliest times, so was the desire for healing. Alternative medicine systems have been developed in all areas inhabited by humans. Primitive medicine was a herbal medicine, known for thousands of years and had developed in countries such as India, China, Tibet, Egypt, etc. Human used various herbs from the spontaneous flora, various clays or oxides that were found in the earth. Mothers instinctively used to put their hands on the forehead of the child who had fever, sending energy from their energy field in the body, and, pain used to disappear “as if it was taken by their her hands. “Father of medicine, Hippocrates, used herbs, massage, sitz baths, in the practice, means practices currently used in alternative medicine.

The practices and therapies used in the alternative medicine include: acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, melotherapy, crystal therapy, bioenergotherapy, reflexotherapy, etc.

There are “voices” that challenge the effectiveness of the remedies included in alternative medicine, as the National Science Foundation defines alternative medicine as “all those treatments whose effectiveness has not been tested by scientific methods.” Some doctors argue that alternative therapies have only placebo effect and that would not only be useless but also even dangerous because of their illusory appearance of a miraculous healing, patients are diverted from medical service, which has verified the effectiveness tested by clinical trials and is based on scientific substantiation.

The human body has the ability to heal it alone and then to remain healthy (this principle is upheld also by the allopathic medicine and known as the homeostasis). The human body is not simply a physical machine, but an integrated complex consisting of the physical body, the subtle body (which also has several components) and spiritual body. Environmental and psychological conditions have great importance, sometimes even more than physical conditions.

A perfect health requires a balance between body, mind and spirit, “healthy mind in the healthy body”, i.e. the principles pursued by Ayurveda alternative medicine.

A form of acknowledgment and support of alternative medicine is the fact that an increasing number of worldwide institutions of higher medical education have started to offer medical courses. Alternative medicine in conjunction with allopathic medicine of can be the medicine of future.