Skin health – Oily skin

Women have always been concerned with the way they look, given the importance of the major skin care since ancient times. Today, the cosmetic markets are highly developed, providing various products both for skin care and for treating its various problems. Knowledge of the skin type is important for its proper care.

Oily or seborrheic skin requires attention by every woman. The appearance of this type of skin is shiny immediately after the face wash, medium and large pores and there is a predisposition of pimples (which is not related to the menstrual period). Oily skin looks clogged and ugly (this type of skin is prone to blemishes as a result of excessive production of sebum, which suffocate the skin). “Advantage” of oily skin, if you can call it that, due to the natural hydration, aging signs and wrinkle appearance are rare than other skin types, however the skin lacks flexibility because of “effort” exerted by the sebaceous glands. Diet, cosmetics and humidity are a few factors that contribute to the “development” of oily skin and this can affect any person regardless of age.

The most important aspect is that the skin is maintained constantly clean. Oily skin needs cleaning two to three times a day with a water-soluble product, specially intended for this type of skin. Ideal products are based on salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids. Cleaning is done by gently circular massage. Skin tone can be achieved with green tea (100 ml boiling water 2 green tea bags and finely crushed aspirin, the mixture can be kept in refrigerator and is used within 3-4 days). A twice a week deep exfoliation of the skin with an abrasive grain product, followed by applying a mask can be done. The masks can be prepared at home from natural ingredients with astringent benefits which absorb excess fat, regulate sebum secretion. Among these ingredients clay, cucumber, yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, papaya, plums and bananas are useful.

Even if it seems necessary, moisturizing is really the best solution to combat oily skin. If the top layer of skin is dehydrated, the sebaceous glands will produce more sebum. There a mild antiseptic moisturizing cream can be used. The diet should be rich in protein, vitamins and iron, but low in sugar and salt. Citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables rich in vitamins A, B and C can also be consumed. Also, drinking the adequate amount of water is helpful.

It would be helpful that people with oily skin not to smoke and avoid contact with environments toxins as cigarette smoke because tobacco favors unclogging of skin pores and deteriorate skin health. Also, a sufficient rest and physical exercise helps the body to proper functioning and thus keeping the skins health.

STAR INTERNATIONAL MED company offers the following cosmetics for oily skin maintenance:
– Exfoliator WALNUT SCRUB: contains Walnut shell granules with exfoliator and astringent effect, Aloe vera extract with astringent, cleansing and antioxidant benefits Melia Azadirachta (Neem) extract with disinfectant and antioxidant properties;
– Mask PAPAYA MUD PACK: Contains extract of papaya, orange, Acacia arabica, Daru haridra and purified Zinc providing soothing, astringent benefits and regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands;
OILY SKIN MASSAGE CREAM for oily skin maintenance, including: peanut oil, lime extract and Buchanan latifolia extract;
ACNE CREAM for daily skin care contains: oil, coconut oil, Wintergreen oil, Neem, Nutmeg and Mint extract, regulates sebum secretion and maintains the healthy appearance of skin;
– Dietary supplement MARGUSA, intended for proper internal cleansing of the body in especially the blood and contributes to the normal health of oily skin.