Skin health – Dark circles

The physical beauty is very important for every individual woman. For most of the time, while talking about the beauty, the appearance of skin is mainly considered. Diet and proper rest time helps to maintain healthy body and skin brightness.

For some people, dark circles are a temporary problem. It occurs due to an insufficient sleep during night or an extended working day and disappear immediately as the body gets enough rest. But other people permanently suffer from dark circles. There are various causes of dark circles: fatigue, insufficient rest, kidney problems, heart disease, liver disease, endocrine problems, smoking, iron or vitamin deficiency, etc.

In some cases, dark circles are due to genetic factors; they intensify due to skin aging, due to reduction in “fatty layer” in under eye area and weakening of tissues that provide skin elasticity. Other causes of dark circles appearance may include overall weight loss (fat loss from the area near the eyes can lead to the appearance of sunken eyes), fat loss in the face due to aging may lead to eyes looking ” sunken ” and “dull ” and leading to the emergence of vascularized area in excess, hyperpigmentation (dark circles are often observed in people with darker skin, even if the skin under the eye is healthy, it has a darker tint than the rest of the face) and excessive superficial vascularization in the under eye area, which can be caused by some medications.

“Puffiness” in the under the eyes area is generally caused by inadequate blood circulation and water retention. Water retention is due to the addition of excess salt in the diet and excessive smoking, poor circulation in the veins and capillaries as a result of nasal congestion, when the nose is clogged, the veins that supply blood from the eye into the nose expand and filled with fluid and get dark in color. According to specialists, the color of dark circles represents the following: blue is a sign of a poor circulation, heart disease and lung disease symptom, red color is typical of intense vascularization, specific to hypertensive people and gray color can be a sign of anemia or systemic disorders. It is not recommended to apply creams which may harm skin in order to reduce or to diminish dark circles or puffiness of under eye area, because the skin of under eye area is very sensitive and less hydrated, so, it should not be harmed in any manner.

Cucumber is the best known and quick relieving remedy to reduce puffiness, refreshing, softening and revitalizing the under eye area. It has an astringent effect and brightens skin. It is more efficient if it is applied cooled. An equally effective alternative is the combination of cucumber juice with lemon juice in equal amounts (mixture is applied to the under eye area with a cotton pad and then let it act for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water). This remedy should be applied daily for a week.

There are also some of the easiest and cheap ways to get rid of dark circles. Chamomile, green tea, and black tea sachets are very effective. Sachets are allowed to cool after taken out from the cup and place on the eyes for 5-10 minutes. (in that case, the person must in lying position). Both green tea and black tea soothe puffiness and irritation of eyes because they contain caffeine, which helps in the contraction of blood vessels. Also, chamomile provides a strong anti-inflammatory effect comparable to the effect of hydrocortisone.

As it is said that diet plays a role in blurring/disappearance of the symptoms of black circles in the under eye area. Hence, it is recommended a diet rich in vitamin C and iron like citrus fruits, spinach, green onions, nettles, lettuce, endive and especially milk. It is also important to reduce the consumption of pasta, sweets, spices, coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco.

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