Skin health – Acne

Our body is protected by skin, a barrier between the body and the environment. Each of us wishes beautiful skin, especially a beautiful complexion. Acne however is a discomfort caused by unpleasant aesthetic changes. Particular attention should be given to it as acne may cause the scars formation. Acne is a skin disorder which is manifested by inflammation of the sebaceous glands, to which is added, in most cases, a microbial infection.

Acne is a very complex disease that affects more than 50% of the population and 5% of adults. The first signs of acne appear with puberty, even from 11 to 12 years and the recorded peak around the age of 16 -17 years. There may also be some cases where acne persists after 20 or 30 years or appears in adults.

From medical point of view, the disease is characterized by the appearance of skin lesions called comedones in the form of gray or reddish lumps, with or without small collections of pus on top of the lesion. Acne is favored by the interaction of normal saprophytic bacteria and excessive oily skin. Basically, increased secretion of sebum blocks the outlets of ducts and glands in the skin which leads to the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

Because the lesions are subjected to super infection with various microbes they may present in the form of yellow pustules which, if not treated on time and correctly, can leave scars. Areas prone to acne are those that have sebaceous glands: the face, shoulders, chest, back, arms and thighs. Causes of acne are numerous and start from lifestyle, culminating with hormonal disorders. Certain factors favor the occurrence of acne: puberty and hormonal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, especially constipation.

Acne Treatment is complex and aims to regulate sebum secretion, relieving inflammatory lesions, diminishing the appearance of scars, removing comedones and micro cysts, decrease microbial colonization. Curing acne requires a gentle, constant and sustained treatment. It also requires patience and will in order to a reliable treatment. Even if using medical products or cosmetics, natural alternative should not be ignored, as they can cause fewer side effects on the body and easier to follow. It is recommended daily washing with soap and water, once or twice a day and removing the fat from the skin.

Hygienic and dietetic treatments consist of a regimen without animal fat or hydrogenated fat (margarine), for at least two months. It is contraindicated to consume fats, red meat, bird skins and all roasted meats. It is also recommended to avoid / limit the consumption of sweets, refined flour pasta, white rice, milk and it derivative (fermented cheese, cream, sour milk cream), chips, fast food products, spicy foods, foods high in iodine or medications containing iodine (ocean fish, seafood, shellfish, sea fruits, green beans, soybeans, iodized salt).

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