Quercus Infectoria

quercus infectoria

Quercus Infectoria is a tree having 50 feet height, has a broad corona with strong branches. The leaves are oval with short petiole, on the lobed margins with rounded lobes, have leathery touch, hairless and are dark green from posterior side. The flowers are arranged in catkins. Fruit (acorn) is an achene, oblong, 2-4 cm long, has green stripes on the outside, the apex is sharp, the base is surrounded by a cup-shaped involucre, exteriorly covered with stitched scales. Inflorescence occurs in May. Thrives in plain forest regions.

Chemical composition – The bark contains quercetannic acid, ellagic and gallic acid, bitters, quercine, fluroglucine, pectin substances, resins, calcium oxalate. Galls contain tannin consisting mostly of pentadigaloylglucose, gallic acid, ellagic acid, cyclogalipharic acid and carbohydrates.

Properties – Stimulator of adrenal cortex, increases blood circulation, stimulates the secretion of testosterone, has regulatory action on intestinal functions, astringent, hemostatic, antiseptic, anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory, deodorant.

Recommendation – Spring asthenia, sexual asthenia, andropause and menopause, hypotension, leucorrhea, vaginal atony, menorrhagia, menopause, metritis, nocturnal enuresis, constipation, periodontitis, allergies.

This plant is incorporated in natural remedy POTENT POWER.