Carum Carvi

Carum carvi

Carum carvi is a biennial, sometimes perennial plant, up to 100 cm height, with a furrowed stem. Branches are covered with rare and deeply divided leaves. The flowers are arranged in umbels without any bracts. Calyx is reduced to 5 teeth like small structure petals are unequal 5 in number, small, white, rarely pink, each increases in the two lobes. Fruits are oval, narrowed at both ends, with visible ribs, having green color in the begining, then turn to yellow-brown. Flourishes in May-July. It is found in grasslands of the plain region and upto the subalpine regions. Harvesting is done when 50-60% of the main umbel fruits turn yellowish-brown. The collection is done in the morning, rainy weather to avoid the falling of fruit.

Chemical composition – Seeds contain volatile oil consisting of carvone, limonene, pinene, phellandrene, dehydrocarvone, dihydrocarveol, fat, protein substances, minerals, starch, sugars, tannins, minerals etc..

Properties – Stimulates gastric secretions, carminative, galactogog, regulates stomach function, diuretic, intestinal anti-inflammatory gastric and intestinal antiseptic, antispasmodic, galactagog, fluidifies the bronchial secretions.

Recommendations – Anorexia, intestinal bloating, bronchitis, gastric and intestinal colic, dysmenorrhea, enterocolitis, increases the amount of milk in nursing mothers, regulating menstruation, bowel disorders, intestinal worms.

This plant is incorporated in natural remedy HAPPY KID Syrup.