Scalp health – Dandruff

A healthy scalp renews itself in every 3 weeks and the removed skin fragments are very small. In case of dandruff appearance, scalp becomes inflamed, which accelerates epidermal detachment in larger fragments, which are usually visible in hairs and in these conditions, scalp becomes itchy. Dandruff, accompanied by the sensation of irritation, itching, burning and some “tension” that causes discomfort is the most common symptom of a sensitive scalp.

The appearance of dandruff should not be ignored because it might represent a signal of the presence of various dermatological disorders or nervous conditions and if this situation is further neglected, then the treatment may persist for long time. Many people believe that dandruff is a result of a poor hygiene or frequent hair wash, but they are wrong. The shampoos cannot cause the dandruff, but some related products may aggravate the problem.

In most cases, a dry skin of scalp may also be the cause of dandruff whereas, the appearance of the hair is “dry” with split ends and difficult to comb. Amongst other causes, adverse reactions due to chemical substances contained in cosmetic products can also be mentioned (e.g. hair dye). Deficiency of vitamins and minerals, insufficient hydration and stress are also the causes of dandruff. In this case, it is preferred to wash hair with moisturizing shampoo that does not cause drying of scalp. Dandruff not only appears in case of a dry scalp, but also in people in whom, the formation of sebum is very rapid. Experts say that this problem may occur due to the fact that hair is not shampooed and rinsed properly and the particular interaction of secreted sebum and scalp leading to the formation of dandruff.

Hormones are also involved in the appearance of dandruff, because dandruff formation usually starts after puberty and is more common in men than in women. Unknown etiology, people with certain diseases, such as Parkinson’s are more susceptible to have dandruff. Sometimes dandruff is a symptom of more serious diseases. If dandruff particles are yellow and have a greasy consistency, then this may be seborrheic dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis may also manifest on eyebrows and nasal folds with irritated and desquamated skin.

Another cause of dandruff is the fungus named “Malassezia ” that survives naturally in the scalp but in case of proper scalp care, it does not create any harm. However, stress, poor diet or hormonal dysfunctions promote the development of this fungus, causing strong irritation in the scalp. Even the season’s maybe a causing factor of dandruff. Chilled and dry winters may worsen symptoms, prolonged exposure to dust, excessive use of shampoos or hair dye. In winter, when people move from cold place to a warmer place, the skin tends to be desquamated and thus leads to frequent dandruff.

Nevertheless, stress may aggravate the symptoms of dandruff. Sometimes unhealthy diet and mineral deficiencies such as zinc deficiency may cause the occurrence of dandruff. Too copious diets can cause metabolic imbalance in the body and dandruff is one of the ways through which the body indicates one of the causes of concern. Hair Dye, hair styling products can irritate the scalp. Hence, it is preferable to avoid their uses. Also, shampoo application is preferably accomplished through a gentle massage on the scalp, avoiding irritation and scratches.

For proper care and healthy hair maintenance, it is preferred to use mild, herbal shampoos. If it is a mild form of dandruff, twice a week use is sufficient of shampoos which have claim mentioning on labels “frequent use for normal or dry hair ” and not a regular anti- dandruff shampoo. This helps to remove dead cells from the top layer of skin and moisturizing scalp and maintaining its proper health. In case of severe dandruff, fungus may be considered as s causative factor. Also, healthy diet is essential for a healthy scalp and hair.

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