9th April 2015

For Easter, STAR INTERNATIONAL MED team offered help to disadvantaged families in Siliştea Snagovului. For Easter and to bring joy to children were divided packages with different sweets for about 80 families. Happy Easter and celebrate with joy!

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February 22, 2015

We are happy to share with you the news that the company STAR INTERNATIONAL MED, manufacturer of the brand Ayurmed, celebrated on February 22, 2015, 16 years of work crowned with success and achievements acknowledged by many awards, certifications and diplomas along 16 years of presence in the market! So thank you, our customers and partners, for the trust you have bestowed us!

During the event, STAR INTERNATIONAL MED President, Dr. Arh Shawki Salman delivered a moving speech: “STAR Birthday, Happy Birthday to all. STAR INTERNATIONAL MED was founded in 1999 and today celebrates 16 years of activity, continuous work, in which gradually developed and reached with great efforts among the top Romanian companies in the field, receiving every year certificates, diplomas and prizes which ranks it among top firms in Romania.

The company STAR INTERNATIONAL MED kept the lines of strong growth even during the global economic recession, which of course affected the Romanian market. When many companies were not able to maintain the market, entering into insolvency, STAR INTERNATIONAL MED continued to live keeping the head up a line of upward development. This was the will of God and thanks to you, the team that worked respecting its duties. You supported the activity of the society bringing it real benefits, each one to the department in which he belongs. So we must remember the Research Department, to which was allied Pharmacist Mrs. Tatiana Balan, thinking of new things to do and of course using pharmacist Luxmi Kant.

The Production Department, consisting of our priced ladies, working like “bees”, coordinated by the foreman and technician Nicolae Dragnescu, “Uncle”, supported closely in all activities by Marius Enache. The Advertising and Promotion Department, consisting of three talented and smart boys, led by Emir Salman. Sales and Marketing Department, consisting of three tireless well-trained tradesmen, coordinated by Daniela Cîrsenie (Economist) and Nicoleta Dragnescu (International Relations Specialist). The Medical Department, represented by Doctor Carla Fabian, our specialist in Ayurveda and Apiphytotherapy. In addition to specialist consultations and Ayurvedic treatments she offers, doctor Carla Fabian closely supports the Promotion Department attending conferences and events, successfully representing the company STAR INTERNATIONAL MED.

I want to mention the Accounting Department, represented by our expert accountant, Luminita Toma, the Legal Department, represented by the Legal and Economic George Costiniu and the Human Resources Department, represented by Florentina Irimia. Finally, I would like to mention the ladies from our point of sale, successfully representing the company in the market and tireless offering advice to customers visiting our natural store, Ayurmed.

I want to thank my wife, Elena Salman, who is the lead company for 16 years and burns like a candle, every day, to light the way up of the company. I am pleased to coordinate all activities undertaken within the company, helped by my Assistant. I congratulate you for all the achievements that the company STAR INTERNATIONAL MED has had over the years and I am proud to lead such a team made up only of professionals who not only use their knowledge to support and develop our company, but, engage in soul.


STAR INTERNATIONAL MED President, Dr. Arh. Shawki Salman


September 30th 2014

Star International Med, represented by Dr. Shawki Salman – CEO, attended Tuesday, September 30, 2014, at the Turkish Economic Forum, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, held in Bucharest Marriott Grand Hotel.

The event was attended by leaders of large companies such as Romania Kastamonu, Turkish Airlines, Garanti Bank, Praktiker, Superlit, Glass Corp or Barlad bearings and official representatives of Romania and Turkey: Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the Romanian Government Ministers and Minister Economy of Turkey.

At the event were invited Romanian and Turkish companies that are interested in developing economic cooperation projects, including our company, Star International Med, which Dr. Shawki Salman is the successful representant for 15 years. The event provided great networking opportunities for the company Star International Med because we are very interested to collaborate with counterparts in Turkey and for the economic development of Romania.

During this event, business people and invited authorities spoked about creating and mantaining business in Romania. Areas of interest were the discussions ranging from the trade and investment opportunities, to relations with authorities or legislative predictability. Romanian – Turkish Business Forum has succeeded in gathering this year about 300 Romanian and Turkish businessmen investors.