Crataeva Nurvala


Crataeva nurvala is a medium sized tree with deciduous leaves that can reach a height of 50 meters. Bark is smooth and brown, while the branches have white shade, purple and yellow colored spots. Bark is gray, smooth horizontal with wrinkles. Leaves are trifoliate, 8-12 cm long, with oval leaflets. The flowers are greenish-white, yellowish or creamy in color and are fragrant. The fruits are oval berries, 2.5 cm in diameter, similar to a lemon and turn red while maturing. Plant flowers in March, while the fruits appear in June.

Chemical composition – The main components of Crataeva nurvala are alkaloids; triterpene; tannins; saponins; flavonoids; sterols and glucosylinate, lupeol, friedelin, betulinic acid and diosgenin.

Properties – Antinflammatory, cholagogue, appetizer, urolithiatic, antidiabetic, antibacterial, analgesic, antiinfertility, antidiarrheal, antinociceptive, cardioprotective.

Recommendation – Urinary tract infections, prostate hypertrophy, urinary calculi, dysuria (painful urination), cystitis, anorexia, tumors and liver disorders.

This plant is incorporated in natural remedy URINOSALM.